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While millions of dollars flow freely in the poker games around the world and some accumulate large sums, a simple idea was launched by the French professional players Fabrice Soulier and Claire Renaut to make charity poker: "1% to WSOP next ยป.

These two professionals have already indicated their commitment to donate that percentage to the association "l'Etoile de Martin", which supports research on childhood cancers during WSOP 2012.

"Fab and I will donate 1% of our profits to the end of the WSOP (including tournaments at the Venetian or Caesar's). We'll see then how much is given back end, but I confess a big hurry to the idea to sign a check for $ 100 000! "

The idea has caught on, and those are many online players led by Alban Juen who has engaged in a "Challenge - Charitable Work".

They decided to donate a portion of their earnings to charity whose association "& ven'kid", who organize events (sporting, concert, festival of lights, etc. ..) for charity throughout the year. All profits from "& ven'Kid" is then donated to MAP International, which funds the education of children in Asia / Africa.
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